Teton Cast and Blast

Opening Day – High Altitude Blue Grouse!



Idaho Blue Grouse

Tui shows off a pair of Blue Grouse from opening day



The Idaho Forest Grouse season opened a couple days ago and after a long hot summer, I was fired up to go chase some birds around in the woods with Tui.  I already had a spot picked out way up high above the tree line.  No snow and an abundance of food sources can make early season grouse hunting tricky, so I decided to get up top and see if we could bust a couple after work.  After an 45 minute hike to around 8,000 ft, we found a group of blue grouse milling around some sage brush.  Flush – shot – bird down.  We chased the singles around for a little bit and bagged another and left the group so they could recover.  The best thing – this was just a small taste of some great days ahead of Tui and I this fall!  One grouse species down – 3 more to go for the grand slam (Sage, Sharptail, Ruffed, and Blue).


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